February 05, 2018

Hello Dear Friends and Family!

We would like to thank all of you for your continual prayers and support of our work. We would not be able to be here on the mission field and do the work without your help. 


We had a very exciting time in Tallinn at the end of the 2017  holding two Christmas Feasts for local and foreign students. We had a great turn out of people: both days our cafe was packed with students who were not able to be with their families for Christmas. We had more than a dozen countries represented during the feasts including Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Turkey, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, etc. At the beginning we had a Christmas themed concert followed by the Christmas message and sharing of the Gospel, followed by a meal that was prepared at the cafe by volunteers. There was an abundance of food, thanks to your financial donations and donations from some local food companies. At the end of the evening everyone received a present and a tract, and some took food home for the holidays. Students were thrilled that there was a free meal, gifts and food for them to take home.


After the meal we all spent time with the students talking to them about the Lord and their lives. I had a very long and extensive conversation about Jesus with one of the young professors from Tallinn University. We believe that the seed of God's word  sown into the hearts will bear fruit. There are several students that come regularly to the cafe and have become friends, but we continue to pray for their souls to be saved and for God to move them to repentance.


As you know Russians celebrate Christmas at the beginning of January which gives us, a team from Estonia, an opportunity to go and be a part of the annual Feed-in for former drug addicts in St Petersburg. This year we were able to take 5 people from Estonia. 

Every year there is a different atmosphere when we go there. In the last couple of years the Russian government issued some laws that "prevent" Christians from sharing the Gospel openly, several pastors were kicked out of the country. But year after year we have been able to preach and see souls come to Christ.

This year there were about 300 former drug addicts who came to celebrate Christmas with us. Volunteers who come to help with food preparation were more on top of things this year than in previous years. It was a joy to work with them.


Usually before worship I always feel excitement in the air, but this time it was different, I didn't feel the presence of the Lord in the usual way and almost started to worry. But the Lord has a way to encourage us when we need it. I came up to the mic to make an announcement and in the very front I saw two young guys. They were looking at me and smiling wondering if I would recognize them. Immediately I remembered them from the last year. My heart was filled with joy. Katya and I met them at the last Feed-in when they had just come to the rehab center and knew the Lord for a couple of months. At that time we talked with them about the Lord, encouraging them that they had made the right decision to follow Him, and at the end Katya and I prayed for them. When I saw them now, a year later, they told me they are going to Bible school, learning to be leaders in their rehab ministry. Seeing them again and  talking with them brought my excitement and expectation back! I was excited to worship the Lord and to thank Him that He is able to sustain us through His word and prayer, He makes us grow and mature, puts compassion into our hearts and gives vision to follow Him and reach others with His love and mercy. All that to say we had a wonderful time of worship, praying for the Russian church and a new year of service and reaching the lost.

Another highlight of that trip was two people coming and giving their lives to the Lord. Before worship Olga told me about a girl named Lena she met and witnessed to on the street the day before. She was a prostitute and a heroin addict.  Close to the end of worship I made an altar call and two people responded, one of them was Lena. We prayed together for her to receive the Lord. A couple of days later she came to church where Olga goes, the next day she was at the home group meeting. It shows there is still hunger and desperation for truth and new life. We continue to pray for her growth and right decision making. The other person who came to Christ was a young man who had just entered rehab.

Lena (on the left) and the other brother(far right) praying to receive the Lord


The next day our team was invited to participate in a city wide Worship Night at a local church. All I can say is that it was an amazing time in God's presence with God's people whom the Lord loves so much! For me it was one the most exciting and spiritually heavy times in worship. I could feel the heart of God for people in Russia, for His church there. There was very strong prophetic flow, release of hope, joy, encouragement to continue to serve Him, to stay close to Him and to grow in the knowledge of Him and His word, because only that can help us to go through tests and trials that are ahead of us. Afterwards people shared with us that their vision and hope were renewed. We were glad that the Lord can use us to serve them in that way.


I was very encouraged to meet people that I have not seen in years, who came to the Lord through our ministry in Russia many years ago, who are  still serving the Lord, continuing to share the Gospel because they were taught that evangelism is not a one time event but a life style, and to see the fruit of their labour.


Our vision for Estonia was also renewed. We came back from Russia with new faith to continue to sow the eternal seed of God's word and in due season we will reap because it is God who makes it grow.


Last Sunday we had a privilege to baptize our dear friend and brother in the Lord David Jimenez. We met David four years ago, he was broke and broken in heart. We spent a lot of time talking to him about God's love and mercy for him and he received the Lord shortly after, and started coming to church. After some time his life was completely turned around, he got a job, could stay and work in the country, and found a nice place to live. But he was side tracked in his searching and stopped coming to church. A couple of years later, he came back to the cafe, we welcomed him and he was a regular customer at the cafe. At our New Years Candle light service David started praying, thanking God for loving him all these years and watching over him, he was repenting for not  following the Lord. His prayer touched several of us to tears.


A few days later David was water baptized. He also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At the end of January he went back to his home country of Costa Rica. Please join us in prayer for David to find a local church and to be able to stay strong in the Lord.


  • spiritual and physical strength for the team in Tallinn, Estonia
  • leading and guidance of the Lord for the church
  • growth of the church
  • fruitful evangelism at the cafe and on the streets
  • growing in the knowledge and strength of the Lord for David

With love and prayers for you all,

John & Sara Russell &The Living Room Fellowship team
for StreetCry Ministries, The Living Room Fellowship & The Living Room Cafe

December 17, 2017

StreetCry Newsletter, December, 2017


Thank you for your continual support and prayers for us. As John and I are transitioning back to the mission field full time, we believe  we're on the verge of an exciting new season that God has prepared for us.

Since I returned to Tallinn on November 8, I have been busy helping  at the coffee shop and  church. There is a saying that goes, "Time flies when you are having fun!" It is always exciting for me to meet new people  that come to the cafe, reconnect with old friends and have some opportunities to share with them about the Lord. We have two amazing volunteers at the cafe: one is a Christian sister that comes twice a week and is learning about ministry and she is growing spiritually very fast. Another is a young man that we continue to share the gospel with who doesn't know the Lord "yet". He is one of the 2 types of people in the world: those that know the Lord and those that don't know Him yet.  


Last month someone called and asked if we would host a small music team from the USA. They were doing a tour in Europe promoting a new album release. They were coming to Tallinn on December the 2nd and it was  a challenge to organize a concert in such a short amount of time but we felt we should do it, seizing a good opportunity to reach young people here with the gospel.

We had a good turn out of people that night. I felt that her music and lyrics of the songs were ministering life and hope to people. You could sense the presence of God in the room during the concert.


This year we will be having two feasts in Tallinn for students who don't have families and foreign students that don't have a chance to go home to be with their families for Christmas. 

We have been inviting students that come to the coffee shop on a regular basis, and some of them volunteered to help, for which we are very grateful. Volunteering really brings people together. Some of our friends from the church we planted in Russia are also coming to help. We are also excited about John returning to Tallinn, and a young man named Michael coming from the US for a few months to join our ministry here. Michael is a musician and a sound man. 

We are also preparing for the Christmas Feast in St. Petersburg, Russia that will be happening on the 5th of January. (Russian Christmas is in January). We are taking a team of 6 from Estonia this year. Some of them will be going to Russia for the first time. As usual we are going to have our annual celebration for over 250 former drug addicts from several Christian rehab centers. This will be our 22nd year and we never tire of seeing old friends who have grown so much in the Lord as well as new on fire thankful new brothers and sisters in Christ. The time of worship and intercession for the new harvest of souls is very exciting and an important time for us. The day after the feast we have been invited to lead a worship night at a local church in St Petersburg.  

We are very thankful for your support every year for this event. You have been very generous in your giving! Our expenses will be food, building and equipment rent, travel and visa expenses for 6 team members to get to Russia as well as for food and supplies for the two feasts in Tallinn. We are quite late with the request, but we are in need of a further $4,000 in order to cover everything, if you feel prompted by the Lord to help.

  • to grow closer to the Lord, to have more hunger for His presence and His Word
  • for unity in our church fellowship
  • for the spiritual growth of every member of the church and raising up of more Estonian leaders
  • for grace, love, wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit for the leadership team
  • for finances to cover all of our ministry needs: especially a new vehicle, coffee roaster, stove, and commercial grinder 
  • for preparation and financial support for the 3 Christmas Feed-ins (two in Estonia, one in Russia) 
  • to be always focused on the Lord, His will, His ways, His glory
  • more souls to be saved
Much love and Merry Christmas to you!

John and Sara Russell and The Living Room Fellowship team
for StreetCry Ministries, The Living Room Fellowship and The Living Room Cafe